Certified-Diploma Courses

 Certified/ Diploma Courses:

Sound Design ( 6 months )
Filmmaking was revolutionized when sounds were added to it, making it more immersive than ever before. The responsibility of a sound designer is to record, acquire, edit and create various audio elements required in a movie. He has to work with the scriptwriter, director, and the sound mixing engineer to achieve whatever he aimed to achieve in a movie. Sound design is an aesthetic and creative work and a technical job as well. The course is designed to equip the student, basically, to achieve that.

Visual Editing ( 6 months )
Film editing course includes modules that prepare students to edit video footage that may be used for commercials, documentaries, television shows and films. An aspiring editor will be trained in editing softwares like Final Cut Pro (FCP) and Adobe Premier. An intensive training for visual effects and colour correction will be given on Smoke and After Effects.

 Cinematography ( 6 months)
A cinematographer is the master of camera movement and light who translate the script into visuals and shoot the video. The course covers major modules such as Basics of Cinematography, Types of lights, Lensing, Digital Motion picture camera, Colour Temperature Theory and Advance Lab Theory and Understanding Non-fiction Films.

Diploma in Digital Film Production ( 1 year )
Digital Film Production is the study of contemporary forms of filmmaking. You will gain a solid grounding in established techniques as well as exploring emerging digital technologies. The course will give you the skills and experience to produce innovative shorts, features, commercials and documentaries. The film industry underpins the course and our students learn the importance of all aspects of the film production. Students write, shoot, direct, and edit their own short digital exercises including a final project.

Acting, Anchoring and the Presenting (6-months)

Welcome to the Orange Film Academy and Research Centre!This six-month course on ‘Acting, Anchoring, and the Presenting’ is to discover and shape the performer- such as actor, anchor and presenter- within you. After the course, there is wide scope of job opportunities.  Today, there are varied opportunities and platforms are available to express yourself as an actor or presenter, news reader.

Folklore: Filmic Documentation

Folklore is the traditional beliefs, customs, and stories of a community, passed through the generations by word of mouth. This Certificate course on ‘Folklore: Filmic Documentation’ discusses the various perspectives on folklore and its heritage.  This 6-month long course with 5 modules helps the student to attain practical knowledge to archive documents and digitalize the folklores with the help of the powerful medium of cinema.