Orange Film Academy is blessed with highly qualified academicians from distinct esteemed institutions across the country such as FTII, Pune etc. Their expertise combined with your practical effort will mark the upcoming virtual learning more effective than that of the ordinary confined classrooms. Our faculty encompasses:

T Krishnanunni

M P Sukumaran Nair


Vinod PS

Dr.Satheesh K P

Sriguha CG

CG Sriguha


Jayadevan Chakkadath

Subramanian KV

Subramanian KV

AV Narayanan

AV Narayanan

Guest Faculty

The guest faculty is empowered by delegates from various thrust areas of film making that comprises of:

I. Shanmugadas

Dr. Aju K Narayanan

Damodar Prasad

Dr. Aravindan Vallachira

M C Rajanarayanan

G P Ramachandran

V K Joseph

Chelavoor Venu