Orange Film Academy and Research Centre offers its students an array of world-class online courses, both short-term and long-term, on film production including Cinematography, Editing, Digital Film Production, Sound Design, Film Appreciation etc.

Currently, Academy, which has a very creative and inspiring environment of learning, provides a number of certificates as well as diploma courses with duration of six months to one year. The 2020- 21 Academic year that is to be starting in the months of August/September will offer Cinematography, Editing, Digital Film Production, Digital Imaging technician, etc. in addition to short term courses like Film & Folklore, Film & Theatre, Introduction to Cinema, and Asian African Cinema. The curriculum, a unique hybrid of theory and practical, ensures that the creative minds will be future ready. Each module of the course is planned as ‘Learning by Doing’ and industry-oriented. Depending on their goals, students may choose from our bouquet of courses that is available throughout the year.

Based out of Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala, the Orange film academy, an initiative of IFFT (International Film Festival Thrissur) and Orange Foundation, is being led by a team of highly-motivated, talented and proven professionals from reputed film institutions in India.

Online Film courses are taught by talented and award-winning industry professionals and knowledgeable faculty in a real world environment with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. Online courses will be complemented with contact classes where students will get hands-on experience on cameras, lighting equipment, photography and studio spaces to prepare for a career.

Knowledge always seeks new pastures to grow. This novel and updated learning experience will undoubtedly create hands of expertise in creating wonders to the world