Short term courses

Short term Courses:

Introduction to Cinema -(6 weeks)
The course gives a fundamental understanding of cinema, its vast history and the role of cinema in society. While going through the course, the students get the necessary skills to critically analyse and study films as artworks and social texts. The course gives an overview on all aspects of Cinema including history of vernacular, Indian and world cinema, film techniques, production procedures, role of a director, camera angles and movements and basic colour theory are taught.

Elements of Direction (6 Weeks)

A film director’s mission is to interpret the screenplay into visuals. To achieve this, the director often multitasking and supervising lights, costumes, décor, props, camera and actors. This 6-week short-term course touches the major topics such as new trends in Filmmaking, the secrets of direction, language of cinema, Ideating, Story – Construction and building for screen, Visual Language and Aesthetics, Organizing cinematic space and time, writing for screen, script format.

Asian Cinema(6Weeks)

This 6 week short term course gives an overview on Cinema of Asian countries where a vibrant film culture exists. History of Cinema in various Asian countries, craft and film techniques, production procedures are all discussed in this course. The major topics covered in the course are Country focus (Cinema in all Asian countries are discussed), Asian masters (SatyajithRay,RithwikGhatak,Mrinal Sen (India), Akira Kurusowa,Ozu etc.( Japan), Yang Zhimou (China), Iran- Abbas Kiarosthami etc., South Korea- Kim kiduk etc.), directors talk, film movements from Asia(festivals, markets, Asian panorama).