Elements of Direction

Elements of Direction

Course Mentor: Shivakumar Mohanan

Welcome to the Orange Film Academy and Research Centre!

A film director’s mission is to interpret the screenplay into visuals. To achieve this, the director often multitasking and supervising lights, costumes, décor, props, camera and actors.

This 6-week short-term course touches the major topics such as new trends in Filmmaking, the secrets of direction, language of cinema, Ideating, Story – Construction and building for screen, Visual Language and Aesthetics, Organizing cinematic space and time, writing for screen, script format.

Experienced director and reputed teacher Shiva Kumar Mohanan will be the Course Mentor. Other faculty members are also well-experienced in their area of specialization. The course is given 100% Online, so that you can learn at the comfort of your home. The course material can be accessed for six months that will help you to watch the same lessons multiple times to understand the concept thoroughly. This will help self-paced and flexible kind of learning. On discussion forum, students can ask questions and working together to solve each other’s questions.

As a student, what you need is an access to a computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

The basic qualification is Plus Two and there is no age limit. Anyone who wants to learn film-making techniques, anyone who wants to polish their skills, and anyone who has a passion for directing can do this course.

After the course, the student will gain the skills for filmmaking. This course will test you passion for cinema and directing. We hope to see you in this course!

8-week long Certificate Course
  • Classes for 5 hours per week.
  • Assessment will be made at the end of each Module

Learning structure:                   Self/Instructor-paced

Duration:                                        8 Weeks

Method of Teaching:                   Recorded and Online classes

Language of Instruction:                English

Program starts:                                 1st November, 2020

Course Fee:                                           Rs.10,000/-

For further details:
Call us: 9496168654, 8921958160
write to: orangefilmacademy@gmail.com

Note:  Students will be given assignments for every week; they have to complete those assignments during weekends.  Weekly study materials will be provided through our ONLINE PLATFORM of Orange Film Academy.

If necessary relevant short films and film clips that are used in the classes will be uploaded for the registered students.  Also PPT and Video clips (short films and films clips) will be screen shared.

ALL the study materials will access for six months.

Course Modules:
  • Filmmaking in 2020
  • What is Directing
  • Language of cinema
  • Ideating
  • Story – Construction and building for screen
  • Visual Language and Aesthetics
  • Organizing cinematic space and time
  • Writing for screen
  • Script format
  • Writing dialogues
  • Handling actors
  • Preparing for production
  • From Amateur to Professional
  • Check list for Indie cinema

All the study materials can be accessed for six months