Sound Design- 6 months

Certificate course in Sound Design

FACULTY: T. Krishnanunni(HoD), Jayadevan Chakkadath, Ajith George, Arun Varma and Subramanian K.V.

GUEST FACULTY : Ramesh Ramakrishnan ,Raj Marthandam ,Vinod P S

MASTER CLASS : Isaac Thomas Kottukapally , Harikumar Madhavan Nair

WORKSHOP :  Arun Varma

Welcome to the Orange Film Academy and Research Centre. Our Six-month long certified onlinecourse on Sound Design is meant to make you a professional Sound Designer by going through all the tips and tricks you need to improve your sound design skills.

This course is designed to turn a beginner into a professional sound designer. If you are proficient, the course will enable you to take your productions to the next level with your new sound design skills.

Faculty members are masters built on their experiences in many different fields of sound engineering and sound design. We have three-times national award-winning sound designer T. Krishnanunni as the Head of the Department. Faculty Jayadevan Chakkadath is also a national and state award winner and an industry-expert. Other faculty members Ajith George, Ramesh Ramakrishnan, Subramanian K.V. are also award winners and leading working professionals of the industry.

Apart from the syllabus based classes, we will have masterclasses and workshops by veterans like Issac Thomas Kottukappalli, Vinod P S, Arun Varma,Harikumar Madhavan Nair,Harindranath Dwarak Warrier,Raj Marthandam and others to hone your skill in Sound Design.

The course is given 100% Online, so that you can learn at the comfort of your home. The course material can be accessed for one year that will help you to watch the same lessons multiple times to understand the concept thoroughly. This will help self-paced and flexible kind of learning. On discussions forum, students can ask questions and working together to solve each other’s questions. As a student, what you need is an access to a computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

After the course, various job opportunities are available in the market such as Digital media entrepreneur, Studio sound recordist, Audio Engineer, Location recordist, Studio Designer, Live Sound Engineer, Radio Sound Engineer.

The basic qualification is Plus Two and there is no age limit. Anyone who wants to learn classic sound design techniques, anyone who wants to polish their skills further, and anyone who wants to be a professional Sound Designer can do this course.

I hope to see you in this course!

  • Classes for 4 hours per week on alternate days.
  • Assessment will be made at the end of each semester
  • A mandatory student project (10-15 minute-long digital film) will be the part of the course
  • New batches at the beginning of every month
  • No age bar

Learning structure: self/Instructor-paced

Duration:                      6 Months

Method of teaching:  Recorded and Online classes

Language of Instruction:English

Program starts: From the beginning of every month

Eligibility:          Senior secondary school or equivalent

Course Fee: Rs. 40,000/-

For further details:
Call us: 9496168654, 8921958160
write to:


Module 1

  • History of sound recording, Media for recording
    Analog and Digital sound
  • Perception of sound, Anatomy of ear, Frequency range and response,
    sound monitoring, dynamic range, loudness, frequency,
  • wave transmission, amplitude, wavelength, velocity, phase etc
    Different types of waves, harmonics, sound level and measurement
  • Loudness curves, perspective, space and time, psychoacoustics
  • Analog recorders, synchronisation
  • Basic recording chain, Basic studio set-up,
  • Sound processing and processors, plug in processors,
  • Acoustics . Sound fields,Acoustic Materials, sound reflection and absorption,
  • Reverb , echo etc. ,pitch and frequency,  loudness and intensity, resonance and applications, monitoring in different spaces,
  • Studio acoustics , calibration of studios and theatres
  • Sound tracks in films, dialogue, effects, music, Recording studios
  • ADR, voice recording, studios for the same
  • Master class on acoustics [studio and theatre]       

Module 3

  • Sync sound recording.
  • Foley recording, foley stage and foley artiste


  • Foley production Demo Raj Marthandam  

 Master class by Harikumar Madhavan Nair on sound for documentaries

Module 4

  • BGM and songs.
  • Music recording studiosSoftwares for music recording. Process of recording Music Premix 5.1
  • Master class by Issac Thomas Kottukapally Music for film
  • Equipments used in recording, basic details
    Sound script
    Microphones, polar pattern, different kinds and loud speakers
  • Microphone placements for different requirements,Stereo, X-Y, MS 5.1 mics etc
  • Workshop on digital recorders, microphone placements, boom operation etc

Module 2

  •  Digital Sound Recording, Sound cards, Input devices,Sampling,
  • Quantisation,Buffering, synchronization, word clock, Time codes, etc.
  • Recording devices,Basic DAWs and control surfaces
  • Challenges.Communication with actors
  • and directors
  • Equipments, microphones to be used.Field recorders ,field mics
  • Boom man . boom operation
  • Dialogue edit, track cleaning, noise reduction
  • Softwares used.
  • Production sound mix.
  • ADR and sync sound in detail
  • Sound Design..The concept, what is it and how is it done
  • Recording sound effects,ambience sounds, other sound effects
  • Aesthetics of sound mix and sound mixing
  • Advanced Sound design. Class with film viewing suggested
  • Basic sound mixer, input and output modules, control surfaces, sound tracks,

Sound pre mix, Mix formats, Analog mixers, Control surfaces, Mix down,

International track, Monitoring formats, Mastering, OTT

  • Master class on sound mix and modern concepts

( All the Modules have ASSIGNMENTS  & 60 Marks Exam Sessions

In Final Module students will do a Project work also )


(Normally we provide 10 hours of practical classes per month. But due to Covid19 scenario,

we plan to provide 20 hours of practical classes during the last two months of the course,

only if situation allowed to do so.)

ALL the study materials can be accessed for one year.