Acting, Anchoring & Presenting – 6months

Acting,Anchoring& Presenting

Faculty: Dr.C.K. Thomas, Manu Jos, Meena Paul

Welcome to the Orange Film Academy and Research Centre.  This six month course on ‘Acting, Anchoring, and the Presenting’ is to find and shape the performer- such as actor, anchor and presenter- within you.

The modern word is that of people who can communicate & perform, educate & entertain. You have a special talent to perform. The right training can help that talent to blossom. As a trained performer, you can develop your unique method to achieve excellence in expression. You can flow effortlessly and spontaneously between the physical and psychological dimensions. This course equips you to strengthen the relationship between your creative instruments—the body and the mind. You can then step into the characters you play, whether in film, or television, or on the stage.

Some of the major topics covered in the course are role paying or character enactment on stage, traditional folk,classical art forms including modern street theatre, modern enactment and presentation-film, TV Anchor, TV Presenter, Exercise and preparation for TV, acting and presentation, method of acting and presentation, western from Inside to outside, practical presentation-stage,film and TV.

The course director, Dr.C.K. Thomas, who was Doordarshan director and an alumnus of National School of Drama and well-known theatre expert,will bring in his four-decade of experience in theatre and television. Faculty members Manu Jos and Meena Paul are also dedicated teachers who can chisel and bring out the performer even in an introvert. Apart from the Syllabus based classes, we will have Master classes, Workshops and assignments to hone your skill in anchoring, acting and presentation.

The course is given 100% Online, so that you can learn at the comfort of your home. The course material can be accessed for one year that will help you to watch the same lessons multiple times to understand the concept thoroughly. This will help self-paced and flexible kind of learning. On discussions forum, students can ask questions and working together to solve each other’s questions.

As a student, what you need is an access to a computer or mobile device with an internet connection.The basic qualification is Plus Two and there is no age limit. Anyone who wants to become a presenter or anchor or news reader, anyone who wants to polish their skills further, anyone who has a passion in visual media and theatre can do this course. New batches will start at the beginning of every month.

After the course, there is wide scope of job opportunities.  Today, there are varied opportunities and platforms are available to express yourself as an actor or presenter, news reader. There are plenty of job roles in organized and unorganized sector available. Moreover, this course will help you to strip away the false emotional protection of the ego and to empower your creative talent. Participants will achieve an outgoing personality that will help them to win in this world of performers.

We hope to see you in this course!

  • Classes for 4 hours per week on alternate days.
  • Assessment will be made at the end of each semester
  • A mandatory student project (10-15 minute-long digital film) will be the part of the course

Learning Structure:                         Self/Instructor-paced

Duration:                                               6 Months

Method of Teaching:                        Recorded and Online classes

Language of Instruction:               English

Program starts:                                From January 1st week, 2021

Eligibility:                                          Senior secondary school or equivalent

Course Fee:                                       Rs. 25,000/-

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Course Modules

Semester 1

1.  Introduction

2. Aptitude and ambition

3. History of enactment and presentation: Eastern/Western

4. Aesthetics of enactment and presentation: Eastern/Western

5. Modern enactment and presentation-Different theatre forms:

  •     All traditional, folk, classical, art forms including modern street theatre.

6. Modern enactment and presentation-Drama:

  •     Role playing or character enactment on stage.

Semester 2

7. Modern enactment and presentation-Film:

  • Adaptation of enactment to film, compared to stage.

8. Modern enactment and presentation -Television:

      • Teleplay
      • TV anchor
      • TV presenter

9. Qualities for an anchor/ presenter
10. Exercise and Preparation for TV
11. Modern enactment and presentation -Social Media
12. Acting and presentation -Basic psychological and presentational approaches:

  • Comedy
  • Tragedy/Serious
  • Complete actor

13. Orientation to other arts-Music, Dance and Painting.

Semester 3
14. Method of Acting and Presentation:

  • Western-From inside to outside.
  • Eastern (Indian)-From outside to inside: Physical training and preparation.

15. Practical presentations.

  • Stage
  • Film
  • TV

ALL the study materials can be accessed for one year.