Cinematography- 6months

CINEMATOGRAPHY Faculty: P.J. Cherian

A cinematographer is the master of camera movement and light who translate the script into visuals and shoot the video. While they may not be the one holding the camera, they are the mastermind behind deciding what the final video should look like.

  • Classes for 4 hours per week on alternate days.
  • Assessment will be made at the end of each semester
  • A mandatory student project (10-15 minute-long digital film) will be the part of the course

Learning Structure:                                                             Self/Instructor-paced

Duration:                                                                                       6 Months

Method of Teaching:                                                           Recorded and  Online Classes

(2 Hours per day for 3 weeks in one month. In similar fashion, the course will continue for six months)

Language of Instruction:                                     English

Program starts:                                                     1st January, 2021

Eligibility:                                                                    Senior secondary school or equivalent

Course Fee:                                                              Rs.40,000/-

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The Basics of Cinematography

  • Role of a cinematographer.

Types of lights

  • Types of grips and gears
  • The history and science of a still camera
  • Exposure and Measuring Light
  • Three-point lighting


  • Deep focus and Hyper focal Distance
  • Framing and Composition
  • Electrical methods and studio layouts


Digital Motion Picture Camera

  • Camera Angles and Camera Movements
  • Frame Rates
  • Dynamic Range
  • Colour Temperature
  • Day and Night Lighting
  • Components of Mise-en-scene and their impact

Shooting on film

Colour Temperature Theory and Advance Lab Theory

  • The Theory of Colour
  • Colour Theory Basics
  • Types of Colour Contrasts
  • Colour schemes and examples

Understanding Music Videos

Understanding Non-fiction Films

ALL the study materials can be accessed for one year.