Folklore: A Filmic Documentation – 6months

Folklore: A Filmic Documentation: Faculty: Dr. Satheesh KP, Dr. K.U. Haridas

Certificate in Folklore: Filmic Documentation discusses the perspectives on folk and its heritage.  This 6-month long course with 5 modules helps the student to attain practical knowledge to archive documents and digitalize the folklores with the help of the powerful medium of cinema.

Folklore, the living traditions of a nation etched in the heart of the community, plays a vital role in the formation of nation as a whole. The lack of skilled and trained cadre barred the aspirants to make a sincere approach towards the folklore. This course is a conscious effort in uplifting a skilled cadre who will be able to take forward research as well as help frame viable policies to keep the folklore live and thus to integrate culture.

  • Classes for 4 hours per week.
  • Assessment will be made at the end of each semester
  • A mandatory student project (10-15 minute-long digital film) will be the part of the course

Learning structure:                                   Self/ Instructor-paced

Duration:                                                         6 Months

Method of Teaching:                                   Online classes

Language of Instruction:                          Malayalam

Program starts:                                            1st January, 2021

Eligibility:                                                        Senior secondary school or equivalent

Course Fee:                                                       Rs.20,000/-

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Course Modules

There are 5 Modules in the Syllabus.

The first 4 Modules discuss the theory side of folklore and the 5th module is designed for practical classes. Those who completed both the theory and practical classes would be eligible to submit the project report, to attend the exam and to appear in the Viva- Voce.  The examinations, project submission and evaluation procedure will be done within the sixth months.

Module 1:

  • The meaning of the word Folklore and its scope
  • Features of Folklore
  • Folklore and Society
  • The relevance of Folklore studies
  • Folklore and Cultural Studies.

Module 2:

  • Basic knowledge of Folklore genres
  • Folksongs, Folktales, Folk riddles, Proverbs, Folk drama, rituals and customs, festivals, Folk plays, handcrafts, food and medicines etc.
  • Basic knowledge of the terms of Urban Folklores, folklorism, applied Folklore and Public Folklore.

Module 3:

  • Folklore and Cinema
  • Folklore in Cinema
  • Folklore Cinema
  • Cinematic Folklore
  • Filmic Folklore
  • Folklore as Cinema
  • Fans Folklore

Module 4:

  • Folklore as field science
  • Collection of folklore
  • Various kinds of documentation methods
  • Ethics in collection and documentation
  • Folklore ethics
  • Copyright Act related with Folklore.

Module 5:

  • Documentary Cinema
  • Genre and Features
  • Folkumentary: New concept- Various phases of documentation
  • Practical knowledge, Knowledge of handling Camera, Shooting, Editing, Production and Post-Production,
  • Folkumentary Production of 15 minute long film (Project)

Each student should submit a video produced by own on the basis of any FOLKLORE. It should be original to be considered as the project report.

ALL the study materials can be accessed for one year.