Film appreciation

Film Appreciation
Film Appreciation-Certificate course

Faculty: Madhu Eravankara, Dr.K. Gopinathan, I. Shanmughadas
Course Coordinator: Mariam Paul

Appreciation of art needs practice and perception. Cinema, the art of the twentieth century, is no exception. Film appreciation is the ability to detect the good or bad qualities of film. It makes one to experience a film beyond the formal ‘seeing’. There are so many prerequisites to learn the art of film appreciation. Along with the constant exposure to good cinema, learning and training in various aspects of cinema is essential. Film appreciation is considered as the door to enter the vast world of cinema where one could take it seriously to any possible extent. The objective of the course is to equip the learner with the tools to appreciate a film, thus inculcating a film culture.
The six-month certificate program in Film Appreciation  is a basic course offering all about film in its technical, structural, aesthetical, historical, theoretical, social, cultural, political and popular contexts which enables the viewer to experience the medium of cinema in totality. The regular teaching lessons combined with the systematic training programs are intended to make the course all the more effective.

  • Classes for 4 hours per week on alternate days.
  • Assessment will be made at the end of each semester

Learning Structure:                         Self/Instructor-paced

Duration:                                               6 Months

Method of Teaching:                        Recorded and Online classes

Language of Instruction:               English

Program starts:                                From the beginning of every month, 2020

Eligibility:                                             Senior secondary school or equivalent

Course Fee:                                        Rs. 20,000/-

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1. Introduction to Cinema- Basic Concepts                              

2. Film as an Art, Film & Other Arts                                         

3. What is Film Appreciation?                                                      

4. Grammar of Film Language                                                    

5. Stages in Filmmaking                                                                  

6. Film Analysis ( Exercises )                                                       

7. Evolution of Cinema                                                                     

8. History of Cinema- World/ India/ Malayalam and Film Movements         

9. Film Theories                                                                                

10. Cinema and Literature                                                               

11. Film Review/ Film Criticism/Film Studies                         

12. Third World Cinema                                                                  

13. Film Society movement- India/ Kerala                               

14. Documentary Cinema                                                               

15. Cinema & Society                                                                        

16. Film Festivals                                                                                

17. Film Appreciation Exercises