22 films selected for competition section of IFFT-Orange Online Short and Documentary Film Festival

IFFT-Orange International Online Short and Documentary Film Festival

22 films selected for competition section of IFFT-Orange Online Short and Documentary Film Festival

The International Online Short and Documentary Film Festival Competition jointly organized by Orange Film Academy & Research Centre and International Film Festival Thrissur (IFFT) will be held on 21, 22 and 23 September. Altogether 22 films include both short films and documentary films, and have been selected to the competition section of the film festival. The list of films is as follows:

Titles and directors:

  1. I want to learn (short film) –  Premchand Kshetriyum
  2. Unseen Angels (short film) Akhil Sasi
  3. Late Nights (Short film) – Hari
  4. My Screen is Black (Documentary film) – Subhasis Chakraborty
  5. How much does your breath cost?(Short film)- Aneesh VP
  6. Along With (Short film)- Sreevarun
  7. Next You(Short film)-  Rahul Ravi
  8. Survive (Short film)- – Rejeesh Sarovar
  9. #Rajesh (Short film)-  Sumesh Mundakkal
  10. 21 Days (Short film)- Ramdas Kadavallur
  11. ORACLE- A Travelogue of an Innocent Man (Documentary film) – Murali Krishna
  12. Toddy Shop(Short film)-   V K JINESH
  13. I am fine (Short film)- Abhilash
  14. 1 Million Dollars (Short film)-Anoob Afsal
  15. Nature striped (Manathukanni)(Short film)- Anandhu
  16. Atom (Short film)- Kiran KR
  17. Chathra (The student)(Short film) – Job Master\
  18. Black Mark (Short film)- Gokul Ambat
  19. Worse than disease (Short film)- Rafiq raja
  20. Fence (Short film)-  Sreehari Dharman
  21. Baton (Short film)-Dr. Sathish Malappuram
  22. Life in Lockdown (Short film) -Eshan Harsh

The theme of the festival is ‘Alone Together’. “We have selected this theme of ‘Alone, Together’ as an emotion, feeling that could capture the virus infected times that we pass through. With the lockdown, the States were resolute in keeping people safe at their homes. But the homeless were an abandoned lot. Contact and Positive became words with negative and bad consequences,” the organisers said in a statement here. “However, this deeper crisis also made us deeply aware of the importance of coming, joining and keeping together. ‘Alone, Together’ is about this struggle to reinstate and rekindle our passions for worldliness,” it added.

This year’s festival is conducted on a virtual platform due to Covid19 Pandemic. The best film will be given Rs.50, 000 and a certificate and the second best film will be given Rs.25,000. Certificates also will be given to the best director, the best cinematographer, the best sound design and the best editing. A national three-member jury was chosen to judge the best films and directors. The jury members include P.N. Ramachandra (Chairman, Jury), Rekha Raj (Jury member) and Aditya Shankar (Jury member).

Orange Film Academy is a virtual academy that gives training on various filmmaking courses such as Sound Design, Editing, Cinematography, Digital Film Making etc. The academy conducts UGC approved courses, certified courses and short term courses on film making. The online classes will begin from October 1.

This online film festival is considered as one of the pioneering attempts of conducting a short and documentary film festival on an online platform. The festival is expected to bring the best works in both the short and documentary sections. The directors from all parts of India are participating in the festival. The link to watch the festival live will be given on the orange film academy website