Festival Director’s Note

Festival Director’s note

Damodar Prasad,

( Festival Director )

Alone, Together…

Least we are happy to celebrate a film festival at this time of pandemic when millions are suffering and survival becomes the critical issue. Hence, this announcement of an online film festival is not any gala or to regale about anything new. We thought like many others that it is important that we find common expression and common forums and unhindered communication to keep our hopes for life and liveliness, whatever it means to be. So we plan for an occasion where we can share our emotional and thoughtful expressions of the times that we pass through and of course our reflections about it. The occasion that we have organized is an event of an online film festival. We have chosen the theme- Alone, Together– for the competition section of the online short film festival.
The online short film festival is organized by Orange Film Academy and International Film Festival of Thrissur (IFFT). IFFT has conducted its 15th edition last January, 2020 and it is the second largest film festival in Kerala to be conducted annually uninterruptedly.

We have selected this theme of “Alone, Together” as an emotion, feeling that could capture the virus infected times that we pass through. With the lockdown, the States were resolute in keeping people safe at their homes. But the homeless were the abandoned lot. The measures adopted by the State were minimal and it could alleviate the greater sufferings of the people who were migrant, homeless and completely wrecked with no employment, food, shelter and money. While the nation was witnessing this huge suffering, covid-19 was taking its toll among people returning to their homes and people who came in contact. Contact and Positive became words with negative and bad consequences. However, this deeper crisis also made us deeply aware of the importance of coming, joining and keeping together. ‘Alone, Together’ is about this struggle to reinstate and rekindle our passions for worldliness.

 The online short film festival is scheduled to be held on 21,22,23 September  2020.

Damodar Prasad,

Festival Director

Mobile : 9497308791